Item #: SCP-463

Object class: Keter

Special containment procedures:
Due to the high consumption of fissionable materials required to keep SCP-463 contained, special site 19-█ has been built on a classified location in the ██████ steppes. (See addendum 463-a.) The object is to be kept in its cell, designated W, at all times. The object is to be given meals, clothing, furniture and any items she requests within the limits of a monthly budget of two hundred (200) USD. Any requests for potentially dangerous items, including materials relating to Native American culture, are to be reviewed by O5 officers.

A staff of four (4) class 1 personnel, ten (10) carpenters, ten (10) welders, three (3) electrical engineers is to be kept on site, in addition to staff required to operate the power plant, to be rotated on a quarterly basis allowing for extenuating circumstances. The staff is to be encouraged to engage the object in conversation, and may enter cell W at their discretion. The value of approximating normal social interaction for the object’s mental health is not to be underestimated.

In case of containment breach, Foundation satellites are to be given highest priority in tracking SCP-463. Recovery teams are to stand by for insertion in the event that episode ends and recovery can be attempted. These teams should be positioned to allow a team to reach any part of the North American continent within one hour. No attempt should be made to injure, restrain or subdue the object at any time.

463-a: Site 19-█:
This site is built around a nuclear power station feeding a ██████████Watt electromagnetic forcefield surrounding cell W, a 3x3x2 meter room with walls, floor and ceiling made up of 25mm steel; with externally controlled plumbing, lighting and floor heating this ensures a tolerable living standard while minimizing inevitable property damage. The forcefield is to be at all times primed to be activated within five (5) seconds of SCP-463’s episode commencing. Repairs are to be carried out within two (2) hours following an episode.

The object’s episodes are marked by loud sounds of static audible at a distance of at least one kilometer. When this sound is heard, staff is to immediately engage the forcefield using the nearest switch. Switches are big red buttons placed so that nowhere on the site is further than ten meters from a switch. When sound ceases, staff is to wait no less than ten (10) minutes before approaching cell W, then open door peek hole to ascertain status of SCP-463, then switch off the forcefield if it can be determined human.

SCP-463 is a woman of uncertain ethnicity, 1.64 m tall and weighing 68 kg. She was discovered in ███ in the ruins of █████████ reservation in a state of near catatonia. [REDACTED] soot found on her body brought her to the Foundation’s attention, where at first [REDACTED] leaving no survivors. After which, she went willingly with Dr. ████, displaying a great deal of remorse and concern. Site 19-█ was built per Dr. ████ ‘s suggestion, which to date has been successful in containing the object.

SCP-463 may randomly transform into a creature with electrical properties. No reliable data exists to show the exact nature of this transformation, but eyewitness reports have described its transformed state variously in terms similar to a mythical thunderbird, a “living thunderbolt” and a humanoid shape made up of bright light. These transformations may be triggered by the phases of the moon, an agitated emotional state, a threat directed at the object or it sustaining injuries, as well as indiscernible reasons. In the time since its discovery, the frequency of transformations has increased [REDACTED] Psychological counselling is the only method that has shown any effect in preventing transformations, and it has shown decreased effectiveness since the death of Dr. ███.

In its transformed state, the object appears capable of generating near-infinite amounts of electricity, with lightning bolts instantly boring through steel blocks up to 450 mm thickness and electromagnetic fields stronger than any such fields the Foundation has been able to produce. It has been observed moving from ██████ to New Jersey in under █ minutes. It also seems to possess some regenerative abilities. (See experiment logs 463-230 through 355.) A transformation episode appears to last anywhere from 25 seconds to 490 minutes, after which the object has not been observed to transform again within two hours without cause.

Experiment log 463-12:
Conversation therapy, Dr. ███

Dr. ███: How are you feeling?
SCP-463: Holding up, I guess. I’m scared.
███: Scared? I assure you, no one is going to hurt you.
463: It’s not that, I mean, obviously you guys have more power than God and the president combined and apparently you own me now, that could be scary.
███: But?
463: But that’s just stuff, you know. Stuff. Parts of the world, the old world that stopped existing about a year ago.
███: A year? Was that when you first became, hm, changed?
463: Unless I lost track of time. And yeah, that’s what scares me. My, hm, changes.
███: Can you tell me more about how you feel when you do change?
463: I don’t know. It’s this anger, this righteous anger that always seems to make sense at the time. I feel dirty, soiled, by all the pollution and crap in the air, in the ground. I feel lonely, forgotten. And it’s, the only thing that makes sense is fly up and rain thunder on all those low, those scum… (SCP-463 weeps suddenly.)
███: Try to stay calm, we can take as long as you need.
463: It’s not me, you see, I’m not like that. Except when I change. Then people start to look like miniature pieces of shit that needs to be washed away. They don’t even matter individually, it’s just their collective stink that makes me sick. I want to, shall we say, cleanse the earth. But I don’t want that. That’s crazy. I must be going crazy, huh?
███: Well, you obviously realize that wiping out humanity would be a silly thing to do, so that’s good, right?
463: I do, yeah, but not when I change. I think…I hope you can hold me in here. I think I hope you can kill me.
███: Now now, there's no need for pessimism. We might be able to cure you some day.
463: Then I hope that day is soon. I dream about it, you know. Almost every night. In those dreams I can, I remember.
███: Hmm? What do you dream?
463: I can fly.

(Tape is turned off.)

In light of recently recovered files hidden on Dr. ███’s computer, the objectivity of information gathered under his supervision must be reevaluated. Also begin evaluation of SCP-463’s possible psychic abilities. Following is an unofficial experiment log only to be accessed by level 4 personnel or higher. (Do not read beyond this point without authorization.)

This may give some insight in how completely Dr. ███ compromised both the Foundation and his scientific objectivity and perhaps avoid something similar slipping under the radar somewhere else.

Experiment log 463-78unpub:
Conversation therapy, Dr. ███

463: What are you doing in here?
███: Just felt we should have a little face-time. Nothing special.
463: Haha, except I could kill you any given moment.
███: I’m not worried. I trust you. You won’t mind if we sit down, do you?
(Steel springs creak.)
463: No I, I just can’t believe this. I don’t even remember. (Muffled:) I can’t remember the last time I saw someone face to face.
(Fabric rustles.)
███: It’s okay. It’s okay. I know it must be hard for you. This isolation. (Coughs.) Honestly I don’t know how you can stand it.
463: Mmm, well, I’ve had a lot of time to think. And those books you got me have helped. I think I’m really getting used to being lonely.
███: (Laughs.) If that’s true why don’t you let go?
463: I l, I like you. I don’t even know your name. I figure it’s Stockholm syndrome setting in.
███: I think you’re going to have to take your happiness where you can find it. Or something psychoanalytical like that. I just like to see you smile.
(Thirty-three seconds of silence follows.)
███: So, uh, how are you doing with those exercises?
463: I’m working on it. It’s scary in itself. I mean, if I learn to accept the change, think of it as tolerable on any level, get used to it, I could. I don’t know. Maybe being scared keeps me from changing somewhat.
███: Yes, well, it’s a possibility. But it comes back to what I said about life’s little pleasures. If you can’t enjoy yourself on some level, that’s a sure road to clinical depression. And that’s not good for anyone. In my expert medical opinion.
463: Okay, it’s like…
███: Yes? What’s it like?
463: I’m flying. I’m flying high in the clouds. (Monotonous voice:) I’m so fast and strong, and I feel smooth, like greased lightning. I can feel little sparks on every inch of my body, it’s exhilarating. It’s what the word electrifying was made to say. It’s like riding the thinnest edge of an orgasm forever. And everything’s so simple, so pure and bright. The people are filth. They’re too many and too busy, deaf and blind and dumb. I fall down among them, they’re so slow, moving like statues, and I arc and bound between them in the space of a thunderclap. I’m standing still in front of a boy, long enough to see his eyes go wide in fear, and then I launch myself through his head and send him flying into his mother and I laugh. The fires grow big, and they’re hot, but I just push them away from me. There’s people screaming everywhere. I want to cry with them but I don’t want to. I spread myself wide and make them all shut up at the same time. It feels so good. And then I leap in the air, not flying but surging, arcing right into another city, another stinking city. There’s so many of them but I have all the time in the world.
███: This is how it happened the first time?
463 (normal voice:) Yeah. I remember that much, then it gets fuzzy. Seriously dude, are you not afraid of me?
███: Hmm? No, I think it sounds rather…beautiful.
463: You’re a weirdo.
███: No, just in a certain light.
(Smacking sounds, heavy breathing.)
463: This is so nuts. We, I’m going to fry you so hard.
(Rustling, squeaking springs.)
463: Oh, be gentle. You have to be gentle. Oh my god.
(Squeaking noises increase, ditto breathing noises for two minutes, twenty seconds. Scattered inaudible murmurs, otherwise just over forty minutes of silence.)
███: I love you. I have to go.
463: Let’s do this every year.
(Tape is turned off.)

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