Wish Vendor
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A machine of the same model and color as SCP-XXX

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX may safely be kept in the dining hall located within Site-19.

Description: SCP-XXX is an ordinary Vending Machine used for dispensing Gumballs or toys. It consists of a clear sphere of glass which is filled with colorful shaped capsules 10 centimeters in circumference, sitting on top of a blue painted mechanism, pole, and polished chrome base crafted from normal materials. The slot accepts any coin. When capsules are depleted, the dispenser will restock when not being directly observed.
The item within the capsule dispensed is determined by the one who turns the handle. Testing proves it to be a minor part of a wish, or want that the subject has, or had. The amount of coins determines the importance of the item.

Addendum 1a: Testing every Lunch Hour is welcome, on the condition that the results are recorded and added to testing log.

Addendum 1b: Please inform Site Director if a Black Capsule is dispensed.

Testing Log:

Subject: D-36534

Date: ██-01-2███

Money: Five Pennies

Description: Red Capsule, miniaturized living puppy, dalmatian breed, wearing a fireman's helmet. Subject admited to wanting to be a fireman with a dalmatian puppy when he was a child.

Subject: D-38236

Date: ██-03-2███

Money: Four Quarters

Description: Gold and crimson striped Capsule, a small bolt of cloth of the same color, which began to rise like a tent being pitched, and emanating upbeat circus music. Subject expressed joy and revealed she wished to visit the circus.

Subject: Dr. █████

Date: ██-03-2███

Money: One Penny

Description: Yellow capsule with black smiley face, a penny. Subject expressed slight agitation, but admitted to wishing for a raise.

Subject: Dr. ███ ████

Date: ██-05-2███

Money: One Dime

Description: Bright blue capsule, a miniscule fish bowl with two Carassius Auratus Auratus, both living. Subject was confused but later recalled his pet fish died, and the depression he experienced. Subject's morale was increased significantly.

Subject: D-39616

Date: ██-12-2███

Money: Four Quarters

Description: Black capsule, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subjects with extreme depression or suicidal thoughts are not advised to use SCP-XXX. Agents managed to retain [REDACTED], further testing is on hold for approval.

Subject: Dr. ████████

Date: ██-01-2███

Money: Two Silver Dollars

Description: Neon blue capsule displaying a white print of an unidentified insect, an egg which fit tightly into capsule. Egg has yet to be hatched and remains in Dr. ████████'s office.

Subject: D-39845

Date: ██-03-2███

Money: One Euro

Description: A capsule printed with the landscape of grassy hills and a distant citrus orchard. Upon opening the capsule, the scent of grass and oranges can be detected. Subject was reminded of childhood home.

Subject: D-39846, D-39850

Date: ██-12-2███

Money: One Nickel

Description: Both subjects turned the handle at once. Black capsule with a white skull print. Subjects displayed desire to open it, D-39846 [DATA EXPUNGED] Capsule held a paper reading "No.", both capsule and paper were contaminated with avian influenza, subjects were infected and promptly terminated.

Subject: Agent █████████

Date: ██-03-2███

Money: One Dollar [Canadian]

Description: Red capsule containing a single maple sugar candy in the shape of a leaf of Acer Saccharum. Subject admitted feelings of homesickness.

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