The Stone Badgers
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Specimens of SCP-xxx prior to removal.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The two living specimens of SCP-xxx are currently housed in a secure enclosure at Sector-25. The enclosure is furnished to resemble the living room of a family home, containing a single two-seater couch, two matching chairs, and a hearth rug. Any extra furniture or other items which may be desired by staff can also be brought into SCP-xxx's enclosure, however they must be removed when no longer needed.

Specimens of SCP-xxx are not be removed from their enclosure without prior approval by Level 3 personnel. Tests involving SCP-xxx should be conducted in their enclosure where possible.

Direct interaction with SCP-xxx must be limited in order to minimise risk of imprintation. Dr. ██████ is permitted to engage in regular contact with SCP-xxx for study purposes and to ensure the survival of remaining specimens. All other direct contact with SCP-xxx must be recorded, and under no circumstances should staff give any information to SCP-xx regarding their name, address, occupation, or any other personal details. Pseudonyms may be used if supplying a name to SCP-xxx is considered essential.

Any information given to SCP-xxx on these topics must be reported immediately to Level 3 personnel. Staff found revealing personal information to SCP-xxx will be denied further access to SCP-xxx and, depending upon the nature of the disclosure, may be relocated.

Description: SCP-xxx are quadrupedal creatures approximately 0.5 metres in height, made of a form of non-porous black stone. As a result, they are heavy for their size, with each specimen weighing 130 kilograms.

SCP- do not have any external features beyond their eyes, which are large and lack pupils. The eyes appear to be bioluminescent, yet the internal light source does not seem to affect SCP- 's ability to see. SCP- are sentient and capable of communicating via empathy, impressing emotions and ideas upon the consciousness of anyone nearby.

SCP-xxx were originally removed from a home belonging to ████ ██████ in ██████, England on █/█/19█, after police noticed several friends and co-workers of the tenant suffering fatal accidents. The tenant denied responsibility, claiming she had 'only been talking to her plants'. Renovations and repairs to the property had a long history of being dangerous, with many workers suffering unusual illnesses or injuries while working on the property. Attempts to evict the tenant were met with similar occurrences. The tenant has since been convicted of two counts of second-degree murder, and sentenced to life imprisonment with a tariff of 25 years.

Investigation of the property following the tenant's jailing revealed the existence of SCP xxx-1, xxx-2, xxx-3 and xxx-4. Removal caused them significant distress, as did the jailing of the tenant, whom they referred to as The Master. SCP-xxx-3 and xxx-4 became totally unresponsive following removal. Attempts to induce movement or reactions have proved futile, and it is believed that they are deceased.

SCP-xxx have been shown to 'imprint' upon dwellings and any people living there, and appear to try to protect residents of their homes from any emotional or physical pain. If their dwelling is uninhabited, they may imprint upon any passing human whose name is known to them. Regardless of whether or not they have imprinted, SCP-xxx need regular human contact, or they become distressed and unresponsive. Removal from their imprinted home will also cause significant stress to SCP-xxx.

SCP-xxx appear unable to distinguish between human emotions, considering any influence that causes their Master anything but happiness to be causing pain. Their response to perceived pain is to remove it, although it is not known how they managed to cause the incidents reported.

Interview Logs
Note: Interviews were conducted with xxx-1 in the presence of a D-class shortly after arrival at the foundation. Interviews confirmed empathic capabilities, however the process caused significant mental stress in the D-class present. An excerpt from the initial interview is included below.

Test Log:

Tissue sample from body of SCP xxx-3

Test xxx-A
Subject: Corpse of SCP xxx-3
Reason for Test: Determine biological nature and material composition of SCP-xxx.
Conducted by: Dr. █████
  • Attempts to dissect the specimen with conventional tools were unsuccessful. Hammer and chisel were required to break specimen's skin.
  • The specimen has no internal organs or other structures.
  • Specimen's body is solid, composed of brittle, obsidian-like material. Sample of material sent to labs for further testing.
  • What appear to be the specimen's eyes are also solid. Eye material is softer than body material, however it is not brittle. Sample sent to labs.

Note: Lab results inconclusive. Eye and body material are previously unknown. Lab has requested more samples for further testing to determine properties.

Test xxx-B
Subject: Sample of SCP xxx-3 body tissue
Reason for Test: Determine chemical properties of the sample.

  • Sample is chemically inert under standard conditions.
  • Sample is hard but brittle. Sudden impact caused sample to shatter; however, shards could not be broken with gradual application of force by standard instruments.
  • Melting point of sample is in excess of 7500 °C, flash point could not be reached with available equipment.

Addendum: The suggestion was made by Dr. ████ that remaining specimens of SCP-xxx be allowed to imprint upon D-class personnel in order to 'keep them happy' and reduce Dr. ██████'s workload. Dr. ██████ has rejected this suggestion.

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