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Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: Subject is to be kept in a standard, locked room and hooked up to a computer at all times. The computer must be USB/FIREWIRE compliant, but otherwise standard with all other SCP Foundation computers. Reasons being that the Subject seems to cease working should the computer not be sufficient for it. There does not need to be any sort of extraneous programs installed on it, only requiring whatever comes with the OS. The OS does not need to be specially updated at any time.

The subject also requires stimulus via manipulation once every 10 (Ten) days or it will disappear to a random place in [[Data Expunged]]. This is to be administered by a Class-D personnel member who is slated for termination. Due to complaints, 1 (one) heavy transport and 1 (one) extra set of cleaning instruments are added to the usual complement of materials available to the clean up detail.

Description: Subject is a plain white mouse, around 15 (fifteen) years old. It has a 6 (six) foot white long cord that can connect to a USB slot, currently. The mouse has gone through several changes during our experiments. Refer to Addendum SCP-XXX-1 for a complete list. The Mouse has 2 (two) normal buttons, left and right. It's manufacturer's mark is mostly worn out, barring a date, ████. It is heavier than most modern mice, being 1 (one) pound, 2 (two) ounces. This has been discovered to be the only concrete way to discern a 'possessed' mouse and a normal mouse scientifically.

The mouse warrants collection as a SCP due to the deaths surrounded by it. Anyone can use it after a subject has died, up to exactly 240 hours (ten days) afterward. The cycle can be broken, but it is deemed disastrous to do so. If 250 hours pass and the mouse has not been stimulated, it will relocate. Then, it will relocate ever 10 (ten) hours after that. It will transport itself to a town in ████████, ██████ ██████. There used to be a factory that produced mice and keyboards for [[Data Expunged]]. Investigations show that [[Data Expunged]] was also made there. Town records show that several workers died there, finally ending with the cousin of the mayor. The mayor shut the factory down, but, due to the subsequent death of the mayor, it was never fully torn down, and several pieces of manufacturing equipment are still there, but no longer functional.

Agent ███████ died while researching [Data Expunged]. This lead to direct SCP Foundation involvement.

The mouse was finally discovered after an agent died accessing a pornographic website using this mouse after 244 hours and 34 (thirty-four) minutes after the previous death. He died of a sudden lack of blood to the brain that flowed down to his crotch until the blood vessels were stretch far beyond safe limits and explode. The mouse was then discovered and relocated to a safe containment facility. All deaths that had occurred were pinned on a towns member who had past mental problems. There are currently three agents in town, in case of an event where the scientist in charge makes a mistake and the mouse relocates into the town.

It should be noted that death occurs according to what the subject is doing on the computer at the time. Solitaire and other card games are discouraged due to the pain involved. Minesweeper as well, as it causes an explosion in the room. Personnel are advised not to do anything. Reformatting the hard drive apparently reformats a subject's brain as well.

Note: The mouse must be held for 11 minutes for it to kill. Once the mouse is touched at the 10 day mark, it cannot be removed from the patient. Dr. █████ ████████ attempted to save an Agent's life by removing his hands, but he could not stop the blood flow in time to save him. Subsequent experiments with Class D personnel show that death is inevitable in one way or another. Hands removed off in this fashion cannot be removed from the mouse until 101 minutes pass.

Addendum SCP-XXX-1:
Mouse has begun signs of changing, this includes:
1. Change from a trackball variant to a laser pointer: ██-██-20██
Note: With this change came an increase of weight from 1 (one) pound to current weight.
2. Change from six-pin to USB connector: ██-██-20██
3. Change from black to white: ██-██-19██
4. Changed in color from white to lack: ██-██-19██
5. Change in Mouse button number, from 1 (one) to 2 (two): ██-██-19██
Note: This was the first change recorded, nearly [Redacted] days after its capture. Theorized to be due to the computer used by our scientists using the 2 (two) button system.


Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: Subject is to be kept in a titanium (outside) and lead (inside) lined lockbox. It is not to be taken out without level 2 clearance. It is not to be used outside of experimentation. Any experimentation on frequencies native to the sun, or universe at large are to be recorded and reviewed under highly controlled circumstances according to the experiment at hand. All users must go under psychological evaluation afterward. Also, any broadcasts discovered in an unknown language are to be recorded and sent to Agent [redacted] for transportation to the testing area.

*ATTENTION!* Class-D personnel only to use this SCP. If it is confirmed that the station is harmless, then it is to be recorded to be played later. Only when we are sure that it is harmless, that it is to be considered to be listened to by the assigned scientists.

Description: SCP-XXX is a normal sized pair of black radio headphones. It has silver/gray accents. The radio portion of the technology is interspersed according to it's patent: [DATA EXPUNGED]. It has been confirmed that it this (barring others not yet found) is the only model/make with the abnormality of picking up every frequency in the universe. This unique pair of headphones can be set to listen to anything the user desires, by changing the knobs. It, insofar, has no limit, however, [DATA EXPUNGED] and beyond are entirely inaudible, and several within that section are madness inducing.

After every use and subsequently turned off, it changes to station [DATA EXPUNGED] automatically. Please refer to log XXX-01 for a list of 'stations' that are not to be listened to. They all have been discovered to cause death, psychosis and other ailments, including one that has caused cancer. Their use as mimetic kill agents has been disallowed, as it would require someone to manually set it up within, say, SCP-682's containment area. Due to the time it takes to get from it's starting point to one of the kill stations would take too long, and we would likely loose this SCP in the chaos.

Addendum: Station [redacted] is to be monitored once a day. The military has been able to triangulate it to beyond our own Solar system. It was an unknown language until Dr. [Expunged by order of Gen. ████████]. It is translated as follows: "Do not land here. (garble) infected (Place name> ██████ ████████) repeat: Do not…" Any deviations are to be reported to Agent [redacted], who is observing.

Dr. ████████: It isn't funny to raise the volume to it's highest level. As amusing as it may be, causing sonic damage to the walls and burying us underground isn't worth whatever laughs you may get. Volume is to be set at 'ten' at all times.

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