Xothic Box
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First documented image of SCP-XXXX, taken ██/██/1926.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, complete physical containment of the phenomenon referred to as SCP-XXXX has been deemed both unnecessary and inefficient. Mobile Task Force Kappa-7 "Wagon Watchers" has been assigned to track and monitor any potential deviations in the object's path, as well as prevent any unauthorized personnel access to SCP-XXXX outside of testing conditions. If required, termination of such personnel is authorized.

As of ██/██/██, all testing involving any attempt to physically stop, or alter the intended path of, SCP-XXXX have been preemptively denied as per O5 directive. Refer to Incident Report XXXX-D17 for more information.

Description: SCP-XXXX resembles a wooden, horse drawn cart with a cloth covering, being pulled by a single black horse. The cart itself is driven by an entity resembling an elderly male humanoid of Chinese descent, henceforth referred to as SCP-XXXX-01. The back of the cart consists of a small door through which passengers may enter, however, attempting to open the back of this cart without SCP-XXXX-01's 'permission' has proven futile.

When in a dormant state, the only anomalous property exerted by the object is that it will continue to move on its designated path at a continuous speed of roughly 8km/h without stopping. The horse pulling the cart has never been observed to require either rest or nutrition, and the cart itself will remain free from damage, regardless of conditions encountered. The path travelled by SCP-XXXX forms a large ring through much of Western China, and has not been observed to deviate since [DATA REDACTED]. In its current iteration, it spans over 14000km.

There are two separate events that can 'awaken' SCP-XXXX from its dormant state;

  • Any kind of significant physical presence blocking the progress of the object along its path. If this obstacle persists for a small period, SCP-XXXX-01 will go into a frenzied state. Refer to Incident Report XXXX-I17 for more information.
  • An individual expressing their wish (through verbal communication) to ride in the cart. This will trigger an 'active' state in SCP-XXXX. The effects of this are outlined below.

Once the request to board the cart has been made, SCP-XXXX will slow to a halt and SCP-XXXX-01 will motion to the speaker to enter the cart. SCP-XXXX-01 seems capable of understanding any spoken language, but will only respond to requests indicating a wish to board SCP-XXXX. No verbal response from SCP-XXXX-01 has been documented.

Once an individual has boarded SCP-XXXX, the objects true anomalous nature arises. Upon being entered, SCP-XXXX effectively 'splits' into two different observable forms, one of which can only be observed by the passenger of the cart (designated SCP-XXXX-A), and one which can only be observed by those outside of the object (designated SCP-XXXX-B). It is currently hypothesized that entering the back of the cart transports the passenger to a universe parallel to our own.

Reports of those inside SCP-XXXX-A dictate that as soon as they shut the door, the cart will suddenly accelerate to impossible levels of speed considering the means of locomotion. While this is occurring, observers outside the cart report that as soon as the door on the back of SCP-XXXX (now SCP-XXXX-B) is closed, the object will resume its previous pace and direction.

At this point, both SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B will continue their respective routes until they reach the geographical center of the abandoned town of ███'█████. Given SCP-XXXX-A's significant speed advantage, it will naturally reach ███'█████ first. Upon SCP-XXXX-A's arrival, passengers are able to exit the object. Reports from Foundation assets exploring the world of SCP-XXXX-A can be accessed by those with a level 03 clearance or higher.

Individuals transported through SCP-XXXX-A are unable to return until SCP-XXXX-B also arrives at the center of ███'█████. This will trigger a convergence event. Upon this convergence, the subject, regardless of their location in the world of SCP-XXXX-A, is immediately transported through means unknown into the back of the now-reformed SCP-XXXX, which will not continue its normal path until the subject exits. Given the differences in speed of the two objects, individuals trapped within SCP-XXXX-A can theoretically remain there for a maximum period of just over 73 days.

For the purpose of this report, the world encountered outside of SCP-XXXX-A has been designated U-XXXX - Dr ███████

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