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Item #: SCP-1995
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1995 is to be stored in a heavily encrypted USB hard drive with a capacity of between 3 and 5 GB
No electronic devices with any form of wireless capability are to be allowed within 5m of the drive, all exposed electronics are to be destroyed on site by soaking in acid with a pH value no more than 3
in the event of a large scale containment breach, the on-site EMP generators are to be activated manually and left online until such a time as all electronic devices on base are completely disabled.
Description: SCP-1995 is a computer program written in an unknown programing language. It was rcovered from an abandoned cumpter warehouse recovered on █/█/19██ in [DATA EXPUNGED] the resulting power surge caused a large scale blackout and the death of six (6) recovery agents.
When exposed to any computing device with a memory capacity of more than five(5) gigabytes the virus will propogate countless non-deletable copies of itself that then spread to other devices via email.
Once it has created a full 1000 copies of itself on any device the affected computer will initiate an electronic feedback loop (regardless of capability to do so) with the nearest power source causing it to send out a pulse that destroys any and all electronics connected to it potentially resulting in [REDACTED]. No photographic images of the programs code are to be taken due to capability of forcing compilation of the code from the image on the device used.

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