A possibly terrible SCP

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object class: Euclid

Containment procedures:

Description: The SCP-xxx appears to be a humanoid entity SCP-XXX skin is completely black. SCP-XXX has red bloodshot eyes that throb. when SCP-XXX encounters any life form SCP-XXX eyes begin to dilate.
a form of life. SCP-XXX Has several extremely dilated veins . Researchers report that SCP-XXX has large blades inside its wrists which SCP-XXX can extended and retract. The blades are strange and fleshy in appearance. SCP-XXX can
detect any source of life within 30 meters. When SCP-XXX walks he puts off a very dull shuffeling sound and if there are any sudden sounds in which he can hear, the shuffeling
becomes faster SCP-XXX speed also increases. When that form of life that is being chased meets with the creatures veiw point he stares directly at it and his eyes throbbing at the time for at least 35-45 seconds. In that time it
will chase the form of life at a speed of 1-2.6 meters a second. Usually a atheletic human being can outrun SCP-xxx. When SCP-xxx consumes the head of it's victim by severing the head of its victim and driving the severed head into its chest.

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