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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: ???

  • Euclid An SCP object is classified as Euclid when its behavior cannot be unerringly predicted, either because the item is sentient, it behaves outside of current scientific knowledge, or its nature is simply poorly understood at present. Euclid-class objects do not pose the same existential threat to humanity due to containment breach that Keter-class objects do, but they still generally require more diligence to keep contained than Safe-class objects.
  • Safe The designation is assigned to subjects or objects that may be effectively and reliably contained. Safe designates may have individual containment procedures, but these procedures are not expected to fail frequently, or be subject to later revision as more information is obtained about a subject.
  • Keter The designation "Keter" is assigned to subjects that both (a) display vigorous, active hostility to human life, civilization, and/or spacetime, and (b) are capable of causing significant destruction in the event of a containment breach. Such subjects must be cataloged, contained according to special containment procedures, and destroyed, if possible.}

Special Containment Procedures: {What does it take underlining the Object Class standards to keep this creature in its cell?}

Description: {Whats so bad ass horrific or entertaining about this creature?}

Addendum {Extra, concludes content such as quotations from experiments {Most often with D-Class personnel.}

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  • Something or another that is anomalous to scientific rules or just whatever whilst omnipresent and uncontainable. Ideas varying.



  • CLASS: Euclid/Safe
  • PROCEDURES: In the means of warning off SCP-XXXX, site personnel are to undergo a regular checking for such interior threats such as parasites or other means of infections. If subject is found infected, and for what-so reason cannot be cleansed, they are to be immediately as possible terminated for the well being of other Foundation personnel. On these check-ups females are to take ultrasounds of the womb, as men are to take CAT scans for observation of tissue damage as a result of SCP-XXXX's means of eating.
  • DESCRIPTION: SCP-XXXX is a parasitic lifeform(s) about a meter long in diameter. It enters the system through either sexual relations with infected humanoids or through a means of [DATA EXPLUGED]. The parasite has shown only measurable effect in women, as males seem to be harbingers of their bloodline. Male victims have shown to have lesser pains through-out organ contamination as unlike in female patients where its more focused on the womb. Through increasing age males have shown more pain as SCP-XXXX begins to repopulate and further more stack damage to the interior organs. Female infected on the other hand, have shown that through means of unknown are more heavily focused on the womb region. Especially if there is a developing fetus in the area. Unborn have been dematerialized by these parasites leading into stale birthing, few living victimized unborn and to substantial degree have shown birth defects. The only logical way this has been acceptable through scientific research at The Foundation is that from the beginning during contamination a lack of SCP-XXXX was put forth to begin with, so thus they had to repopulate; which research has shown they have slow reproductive cycles unlike other STDs, but to all formalities the longest living born infected lived less then six hours before eventually dieing off.

Women infected have shown properties of abdominal pain centered around the womb region. Symptoms during this stage in women - which there are initially three stages - have shown little direct symptoms apart from this, signs and in-direct effects include hunching over and lack of sleep from the sharp pain.

Stage two involves the parasites to reach a key point in maturity; around one hundred sixty(160) days from creation. This time is untrustworthy, as medium to many enter at different age groups, but overall form a specific mean or average in the school. Once this stage is reached, SCP-XXXX will travel up through bloodstream to eventually lead to the brain. Symptoms in this stage show to be more a less an uplifting in central pain but to begin spreading out across the body through several or so way-stations in the bloodstream. A rare symptom of when passing through a lymph node is for it to begin to undergo inflammation.

The final stage, if not in the other steps identified, is ultimately the most damaging, and once this point is reached there is no way to reverse the diverting and gathering parasites without means of attacking the gathering spot and damaging either the brain or its vital parts to completely destroying it. This is also the time the infection is most obvious, as many of the symptoms have been building to this climax. Once into the brain, they will begin to court and feast. Eventually this leads to formalities of paralysis and other eventual brain decay until eventually death. As said before, there is no way to stop this. Symptoms include excessive abdominal pain, increase in stress for reasons unknown, sleep deprivation, also internal bleeding and a possibly numb feeling at times to pass through the body via the spine if the parasite begins attacking the membrane until eventual severing. If it can be helped, then it is advised not to strain the body. In-direct symptoms include excessive anger conditions, all the way to the point of eventual isolation.

  • MEANING/ATTACKING: Women, men, those who want to have children.
  • TAGS: Euclid/Safe, parasitic, species, genetic(?), reproductive, swarm.




  • CLASS: Keter
  • PROCEDURES: Upon entering the containment cell of SCP-XXXX or "the Swarm," for personnel who don't like saying SCP-XXXX, members of no much more then


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